Hva man ikke vil og vil høre som usynlig syk

Ting folk som har en usynlig lidelse/sykdom IKKE vil høre: obs: ENGELSK!
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  1. "You look great - you must be feeling better." We're likely getting better about concealing how we feel, not feeling better. Or it might be a single good day after a month of horrible days.
  2. "Let's get you out of the house. It'll give you a boost!" If we're staying home all the time, it's likely that we're not feeling well enough to get out.
  3. "Are you sure you're not just depressed?" If only it were that simple! Yes, many of us are depressed, and even if we're not the symptoms can appear similar. However, depression alone can't explain the broad range of symptoms we experience (often several dozen of them.) (Plus, depression is a very real physical illness, so the phrase "just depressed" is inappropriate anyway.)
  4. "I've been really tired lately, too. I know how you feel." If you're so tired that you feel on the verge of total physical, mental and emotional collapse, you might. Otherwise, statements like that make it seem like you're trivializing an illness that's much more than being tired.
  5. "If you'd (exercise more/lose weight/eat a better diet/get back to work) you'd feel better." While exercise or dietary change do help some people with these conditions, they also can make us much worse. We know our bodies best and need to research those changes for ourselves. Weight has never been shown to exacerbate symptoms of FMS or ME/CFS, and the physical and mental stress of "getting back to work" is far more likely to make us crash than recover.

Ting folk med en usynlkig lidelse/sykdom vil høre:

  1. "If you're not up to going out, we can just get together and (talk/play cards/watch a movie)." This shows that you understand the limitations of the illness and gives the person an alternative to canceling plans.
  2. "Let's do our grocery (or Christmas) shopping together. I'll pick you up." Shopping can be extremely tiring for us, and it can really help to have someone else there to help with things like loading and unloading the car, or trekking back across the store for a forgotten item on the other side
  3. "How much are you up for today?" This shows that you understand energy levels can vary from day to day and can help your companion feel comfortable expressing his/her limitations.
  4. "How are things going?" This is better than asking "how do you feel." It opens the door to all aspects of life, instead of just physical well being. Most days, I don't feel that great, but my life might be going really well.
  5. Can I (pick you up/help with that/etc.)?" This works better than something like, "Do you need me to...." because it shows a willingness to help without implying the person is incapable or is a burden.

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